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Professionalism, high creativity, and attention to details are just a few words to describe Malene Maury. Easily I can add commitment and passion for her work, whether a long-term project with many elements or a short-term task with a single deliverable.

I – on behalf of Danfoss Fire Safety – started my collaboration with Malene in 2010, during which we worked on a wide range of graphic design projects, such as the artwork for the posters and promotion elements at exhibitions, brochures, leaflets, ads, templates, business cards and visuals for our presentations - to name just a few. Thus, our corporate visual identity was built in close collaboration with Malene, whose skills and creativity brough the elements together in a cohesive way towards building our company’s brand and promotion.

I would like to refer to two milestones in our journey to build the company’s identity:

  • one big project about 10 years ago, when Malene defined and created the design manual and basic design elements for the Danfoss Semco company back then. This helped in ensuring a uniform effect on the market.

  • another milestone was about 3-4 years ago, when our company changed from Danfoss Semco to Danfoss Fire Safety. The challenge was to align to a well-established brand, Danfoss Engineering Tomorrow, while ensuring that our fire safety product and our industry specifics are incorporated. Malene was involved with most major area of changes. She was swift and consistent, fully knowledgeable of what such a project means, while understanding our needs. The result of her work enabled Danfoss Fire Safety to align with the Danfoss Corporate standards and helped us show a professional company image for our key stakeholders, external & internal, Danish & international.

The communication with Malene is smooth and I appreciate how well she works within the time and budget frame agreed upon. She is good at understanding her customer’s wishes and has a clear idea on how to bring them to “life”. I enjoy talking to Malene and that just makes the overall collaboration more fun.

Maria Salcudean

Marketing Manager, Danfoss Fire Safety